Five Tips To Celebrate Ramadan In Good Health

Laziness, headache, nervousness, obesity and poor time management are some of the negative phenomena we noticed from the first day of Ramadan and may last until the end. One cause of these negative phenomena is most likely the physiological condition that affects our behavior during fasting due to bad habits.

For example, excessive use of stimulants (such as tea and coffee), smoking and eating in excess are bad habits that we have throughout the year and can continue with us during Ramadan. However, we forget that these bad habits are key factors behind our poor performance and lack of energy during the days of Ramadan.

Dear brother and sister fasting, usually we prepare spiritually for the month of Ramadan, but now we have the intention ng also learn how to prepare physically for this blessed month with health and vitality, freeing our body and all its systems the burden to inflict bad habits that we used throughout the year.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Reduce the amount of stimulants (caffeinated beverages) we consume every day and we do it gradually, which would reduce the amount of caffeine in the blood slowly. Thus, a sudden decrease in caffeine should be avoided during the fast, which can adversely affect your mood and causes headache and tension. For example, if you drink three cups of tea or coffee, reduce this number to two and then to one in the month of Sha'ban (before Ramadan). Finally, try to replace the drink with more beneficial.
  • Do not start the day with stimulants such as tea, coffee or cola, rather beneficial sustitúyelas with anise drinks like tea or Jamaica (hibiscus).
  • If you smoke, stop smoking for the sake of Allah.
  • Try to increasingly extend the intervals between cigarette smoking and use of stimulants as much as possible.
  • Make your everyday eating habits resemble those of Ramadan, so prepare your digestive system to adjust to the power system of Ramadan. For this purpose, a number of days fasting during the month of Sha'ban.