How Much Hours Of Sleep I Take In Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan, you probably must have heard people complaining about lack of time for proper sleep. And that's  how they are using it as an excuse for bad performance in daily routine works. This is called bad management. If you will not plan your routine for Ramadan month or will not leave your extra useless activities than one day you will be the same person finding excuses for your late unfinished work.

In Ramadan month, I take normal sleep as usually. It is something around 6-9 hours a day. How I managed this much time? Yes, definitely not by making prayer times short. But by shortening extra activities. For example. I watch TV very less in Ramadan in compare to usual days. I manage to come home early from university for rest or to perform unfinished tasks instead of wasting time in useless talks with friends or in sports.

Taking proper sleep in Ramadan is not only important for your health, though, it is also important for performing prayers with more freshness, focus, and in more energize way, etc.

Wish you a very Happy Ramadan 2015

ramazan bayramı 2015