My Menu of Iftar During Ramadan Month

Doing iftar is one of the best moment I personally liked most during whole day in Ramadan month. By eating after big gap really help you to feel the importance of food, and also gives you feeling that how poor people suffer when they even don't have much to afford their daily diet.

Well, usually during the month of Ramadan, at iftar time I take start with Dates (khajoor). After that I move my hand towards dish of Pakoras and some slanties. After eating couple of pakoras and salanties I drink water. Yes, I prefer water over any juice or sweet drink. After that I again eat some pakoras and salanties. Then, I go for fruits, and fruit chart and then to any salt dish like Dahi bhalay, cholay, etc. Then go for any sweet drink like Rooh Afza, Jam -e- Shereen, etc. or any fruit juice, etc. And then again in last I go for some more pakoras and salanties. and then Alhamdulillah! :)

Have a full of blessings Ramadan