What Things You Should Avoid In Ramadan 2015

In this post I have planned to share an interesting story to explain and motivate you to avoid some practices in the month of Ramadan 2015. Few years back, in university  my friend came little late in morning, unlikely. So, when I asked the reason he as usual complained about lack of availability of time to take proper sleep at night.

So on multiple demand my friend finally agreed to break the ice and started to giving explanation why he has not enough time in Ramadan to take required sleep. He said, he play cricked daily. Sometimes at late night and some times before Iftar. The other thing he has in his daily schedule of Ramadan which I think is also not so important is sitting in front of tv for multiple of hours celebrating the gifts giving show. Yeah, the transmission is quite popular and attractive across the country. But I'm sure it's not of worth as of sleep and health.

Happy Ramadan 2015