Be In Limits At Sehr-o-Iftar Timing In Ramadan

The title of post might look you little odd. But it is true. Be in your limits when eating at sehr-o-iftar time during Ramadan. Why? because eating too much will not likely to help you to take or feel the true blessings of Ramadan.  How? read below.

Eating too much can cause of different problems. Like, this will you make lazy and and if you eat a lot at suhoor time than the chances are high that you can not perform well in your daily job. And eating a lot at Iftar time will inject laziness and this is dangerous because it can distract your concentration during prayers. Stuffing too much can also be not god for your health and can be harmful for stomach and can reduce its performance.

The purpose of fasting during Ramadan is also to feel the feelings of poors those have not enough money to eat. So eating extra ordinary will keep you away to make this feeling.

Happy Ramadan 2015