Brain Theory of Eat and Drink in Ramadan Month

As month of Ramadan in 2015 is very near, and approximately very few days are left. Many people are very conscious about their health, though it is good to be one. Well before taking start I would like to make you confirm that it is a myth that some people uses as an excuse for skipping fasting that fasting makes people weak.. that is not correct. I repeat, fasting don't make people weak or tired. Fasting is a pure blessing. Fasting is intended to make you strong ethically, morally, religiously, physically.

The weakness that some people complained about is quite temporary and because of their mentality. The brain send signals that 'hey you didn't eat anything since from 5 hours, you stomach must be empty, etc.' But, after few fasts your brain stop sending such signals because it get aware that your body has much energy to survive fasting time without adding further meal for energy. The same formula goes for drink.

So, be prepare to fast in the month of Ramadan, because in the mean time it is very healthy practice too.