Part Two Of Ramadan Also Effects Football?

The decision ultimately depends on each player and conscience, noted theologian and president of the Islamic Turkish organization Ditib, Izzet Er. "The players know what to do with the rules of the Koran," he said.

However, opinions differ as to the health effects, even within FIFA. Your medical director, Jiri Dvorak, does not believe there disadvantages for Muslims during the World Cup, while his colleague Michel D'Hooghe not recommend fasting: "If I were in charge of the players, meditate the possibility of an exception" he emphasized.

"I have the greatest respect for the religious beliefs of each player," said the member of the Executive Committee of FIFA, but from "the purely medical grounds" is healthier during this time maintain a regular food intake.

The Muslim players who choose to fast it will somewhat easier in Brazil: the 11 hours between sunrise and sunset, for example in Rio de Janeiro, mean about five hours under fasting every day compared with European countries.

Ramadan 1437