How To Not Increase Weight During Ramadan 2016

Most people assume that fasting during Ramadan month makes you slim and fit. But, we also observe people who fast whole month, but at the start of Shaban we see them bulky, lazy and dull. Its because of improper daily routine and meal during Ramadan month. So, we have some guidance for you to not gain weight in this Ramadan 2016.

As per my knowledge, we must first break the fast at iftar with 1 or 2 dates with some milk or nutrient drink or simply glass of water. But avoid drinking too much. Then after a break of couple minutes to make you stomach ready to accept more food after day break of several of hours and to also avoid intestinal problems. Feed yourself with fruits, bread, salad (lettuce, tomatoes, some olives, grated carrots), soup, or with your regular meal like meat dish, rice, etc. But make sure that avoid drinking after your meal.

It is also recommended to keep your physical activities during Ramadan month also. You may also do jogging on 2-3 times a week. This will keep your metabolism active and you will remain energetic even after iftar time also.

I hope this will help you to remain active and physically fit during Ramadan 2016.