Hydration - The Important Factor For a Healthy Ramadan 2016

Last year, during Ramadan 2015, Karachi the mega city of Pakistan has faced the highest death toll in history because of sudden heatwave and improper outage of electricity. This caused expiration of more than a thousand people in matter of two weeks. So, this year in Ramadan 2016, we demand that hydration should be the slogan of these 30 days period. June is one of the hottest months and we are expecting Ramadan 2016 start on 7th of June in most of world.

So, it is advisable to avoid the harsh environment as much possible and keep yourself at some cool place. For a healthy and blessed experiece during holy month of Ramadan, It is also advisable to ensure proper hydrated meals during Sehr and upon breaking the fast, you must drink large quantities of proper nutrition drink.