3 Things To Do Before And During Ramadan 2016

As most of us already have an idea when does ramadan 2016 will start. So, it is always better to prepare in advance so you can focus more on earning Ramadan blessings.

First thing you can do is to bring some food, grocery, dates, drinks, etc. at home in advance for next couple of days by keeping their freshness in mind. This will save your precious times standing in food and grocery lines, because during Ramadan specially during evening markets got so populated.

Avoid your leisure activities such as watching tv, texting, games, etc. Instead try utilizing this time in praying, reciting Quran o Hadiths, learning something new about Islam, such as basics and history, etc.

Prepare your children for the Ramadan before: Explain to them what the Ramadan means Muslims for us. Tell them about the reward of good deeds within the month of fasting. So you give them an extra incentive to help along the way. Not only in the kitchen and in the household, but also other people. Whenever you see someone who needs help.

More tips will be shared in next post. We wish you a happy Ramadan mubarak 2016 :)