4 Tips That Will Make Your Ramadan 2016 Easy And Healthy

As we know hardly couple of days left until Ramadan 2016 start, we decided to share four tips that will you earn more blessings with much ease.

  1. The month of June will be hot in most of world. It is thus advisable to avoid the sun and heat during the month of Ramadan. Everyone must focus on cool parts inside and shade outdoors for not fade too quickly.
  2. Even if the period of Ramadan has no major effect on the health of users, it is important to minimize physical effort. Athletes should especially be careful not to surpass during the month of Ramadan.
  3. Patients with diabetes are encouraged to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels, to hydrate in abundance and flee sweets to reduce health risks associated with this period of fasting.
  4. Fragile persons wishing to Ramadan, namely pregnant women, the elderly or patients with hypertension or asthma, are called to consult their doctor at the slightest abnormal signs. For greater security, it is recommended to go to the doctor before and after Ramadan 2016.
We wish you very happy Ramadan 2016, stay blessed :)