Should we avoid playing sports during this Ramadan 2016?

As this year Ramadan 2016 is coming in June's first week, which is summer season. Weather forecasters predicted a hot temperature in some areas such as in Karachi, Pakistan. Where last year a significant number of over 1000 plus people death tolls were observed in a week because of heat wave during Ramadan 2015.

In the first few days of Ramadan, a significant reduce in fitness and physical performance is normal because a body is usually is not prepared for fasting and its needs a some time to adopt new schedule of feeding. So, it is more reasonable to avoid intense physical activity, especially late in the day at summer time because it can cause accidents (hypoglycemic malaise) and have a negative impact on the health of fasters.

We wish you a healthy and happy Ramadan mubarak 2016 :)