Ramadan 2017 Qatar Calendar and Prayers Timetable

When is first day of Ramadan 2017 Start in Qatar? (رمضان 2017 قطر تاريخ)
InshaALLAH, Qatar people will observe 1st day of Ramadan 2017 on, 27th May 2017, Saturday.(It is NOT YET confirmed from official announcement from Qatar local authorities about Ramadan 2017 starts date)

Ramadan Timetable 2017 of Qatar With Sehr & Iftar (سحر - الإفطار)

Calculation Method: Umm Al-Qura
Ramadan Date Day Suhoor Times
Iftar Times
1 27th May Saturday 03:15 AM06:18 PM
2 28th May Sunday 03:14 AM06:19 PM
3 29th May Monday 03:14 AM06:19 PM
4 30th May Tuesday 03:13 AM06:20 PM
5 31st May Wednesday 03:13 AM06:20 PM
6 1st June Thursday 03:13 AM06:21 PM
7 2nd June Friday 03:13 AM06:21 PM
8 3rd June Saturday 03:12 AM06:22 PM
9 4th June Sunday 03:12 AM06:22 PM
10 5th June Monday 03:12 AM06:22 PM
11 6th June Tuesday 03:12 AM06:23 PM
12 7th June Wednesday 03:12 AM06:23 PM
13 8th June Thursday 03:11 AM06:24 PM
14 9th June Friday 03:11 AM06:24 PM
15 10th June Saturday 03:11 AM06:24 PM
16 11th June Sunday 03:11 AM06:25 PM
17 12th June Monday 03:11 AM06:25 PM
18 13th June Tuesday 03:11 AM06:25 PM
19 14th June Wednesday 03:11 AM06:26 PM
20 15th June Thursday 03:11 AM06:26 PM
21 16th June Friday 03:11 AM06:26 PM
22 17th June Saturday 03:11 AM06:26 PM
23 18th June Sunday 03:12 AM06:27 PM
24 19th June Monday 03:12 AM06:27 PM
25 20th June Tuesday 03:12 AM06:27 PM
26 21st June Wednesday 03:12 AM06:28 PM
27 22nd June Thursday 03:13 AM06:28 PM
28 23rd June Friday 03:13 AM06:28 PM
29 24th June Saturday 03:13 AM06:28 PM
End Ramadan dates Qatar(Doha, Lusail, Mesaieed, Al Rayyan, Dukhan, Zubarah, Ras Laffan Industrial City, Al Khor, Al Wakrah, Al Jasrah, Al Markhiyah, Al Hitmi, Simaisma, etc.)
25th June Sunday 03:13 AM06:28 PM
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Ramadan calendar 2017 Qatar

Ramadan by Countries:

And a name of few random countries visitors checking currently include; Egypt, South Africa, and Kuwait.