2. Seek the Proximity to Allah: Important Lessons of Ramadan Month

The Prophet (sas) said:

"Allah said," Anyone who shows enmity to a friend of mine will enter into war with him. "My servant brings nothing nearer to me, nothing more appreciated by me than the obligations I have laid upon him. Actions he has done by his will so that I would love him more."
The Prophet (sas) said:

"Whosoever shall come in the month of Ramadan, and let him not have his sins forgiven, and so enter into the fire, then Allah may keep him away."

So to approach Allah (swt) in this blessed month, can be achieved by fulfilling the obligatory duties; And also reciting the Koran and reflecting on its meaning, increasing goodness and giving charity, making the du'a (Invocation) to Allah, attending the Salat tarawih, seeking Lailatul-Qadr (Night of Power and Destiny), one more night Good that a thousand months, attending the meetings where knowledge is transmitted, and striving in those actions that will make the heart get closer to its Lord and thus gain His forgiveness. Our level of effort in this blessed month must be greater than our effort to worship Allah in any other month, Because of the excellence and rewards that Allah has put into it. Another great means of approaching Allah in this month is doing I`tikaaf (isolation in the mosque to surrender to Allah) for anyone who has the possibility.

Imam ibn al-Qayyim (d. 751H) (raa) said:

"Allah also prescribed I`tikaaf for them, the aim being that the heart should totally turn to Allah and concentrate on Him alone, and break the worries towards the rest of the creation.Therefore, the heart is only filled with Allah (Swt), so loving it, remembering it, and turning to Him takes the place of all the worries and anxieties of the heart. As a reward all this prepares us to be at peace with Allah (swt) on the day when the loneliness of the Tomb, when there will be no one else to comfort or solace except Him. So this is the greatest goal of I`tikaaf.