3. Acquire Patience: Important Lessons of Ramadan Month

Imam Ahmed (d.241H) (raa) said:

"Allah has mentioned sabr (patience) more than ninety times in His Book."

The Prophet (sas) said:

"The month of patience, and the three days of every month, is a time of fasting"

Ibn 'Abdul-Barr (d.464H) (raa) said:

"What is meant by the month of patience is the Ramadan month, so fasting is called patience because it restrains the soul from desires to drink, to eat and from sexual desire."

Fasting is thus a means of learning self-control and patience. With patience we can strengthen our resolve to give ourselves only to Allah, with sincerity, and also to protect ourselves from the ups and downs of life. Thus, for example with patience we can perform our Salat quietly and correctly, without being rushed. With patience we can restrain our souls in the face of greed and stinginess and thus give part of our surplus wealth in Zakat. With patience we can dominate our temperament, and thus withstand the trials and hardships of Hajj. Equally, with patience we can undertake our RIAD (effort). Allah (swt) said: O Prophet!

Thus, without knowledge and patience, nothing remains, except jealousy and unbridled emotions, shouts and slogans without substance, discourses that do not strengthen, but weaken, and actions that do not build, but destroy. Therefore, during this month we must strive to develop a firm resolution to perform acts of nobility, and to adorn ourselves with patience, having the certainty, according to our Messenger ( sas) that: "And know that victory comes with patience, relief With affliction, and respite with the penalty."