Why Ramadan Dates Change Each Year?

Muslims have their own calendar: the lunar cycle, whose days do not coincide from year to year. Ramadan is always the ninth month of the lunar calendar , beginning with the appearance of the new moon and ending with the next new moon.

This year has begun this June 6, so it is this Monday when Muslims start the fast, and will end on July 6. Ramadan begins about 11 days before each year , which does not always coincide with summer in the West: for example, in 2020 it will be between April and May, so that the fasting effort will be less as there are more hours of darkness.

How Long is Ramadan Month?

Based on lunar cycles, the time of Ramadan is not exactly the same every year, although it usually lasts for about 29 or 30 days.


Yes, Ramadan is obligatory for every healthy Muslim from the moment he reaches puberty. There are, however, certain exceptions, which we explain in the next question.