It's time for "ask-a-Muslim-stupid-things-month" - commonly known as Ramadan.

Muslims in Sweden may, in addition to the remaining 11 months of the year, of discrimination, intimidation, hatred and media demonization, even act frågelåda for all that non-Muslims have the heart during Ramadan. Here is a list of the five dumbest questions we receive.

1. How can Ramadan be something to look forward to? You're not supposed to eat? Why fast ye?
The answer to this and similar questions are best answered with: even more questions! Why celebrate Christmas? Is not it expensive? Unhealthy for both animals and nature? The reasons that Muslims celebrating a religious holiday are very similar to those found to celebrate other religious holidays. Fasting is part of the five pillars of Islam, there is thus a religious background. Fasting is a way to learn to appreciate what you have in life, things that are easily forgotten, such as water, food and family. And yes, eating should otherwise die.

2. What happens if you get in your food / water during the day?
If a Muslim happens to forget themselves (quite common during the first week of Ramadan) and eating / drinking something you die. Food and drink are namely radioactive and toxic to all Muslims around the world during Lent. It is sad but we try to live with it. Or is it perhaps so that nothing happens at all! We might just note that we happened to eat / drink, go ahead with the fast and try to avoid it happening again. Who knows!

3. Do all fixed? Are you not hungry / thirsty?
It answers all Muslims really want to: yes, all have fixed, see the answer to question 2. The response we are forced to give over and over again: no, fasting is a choice, and there are exceptions, very logical exceptions if you think about it. Children, the sick, pregnant women, people with very demanding physical jobs and the like can not and should not be fixed. Yes, we are hungry and thirsty, but your body get used to it very quickly. Nobody should be fixed if it can not handle it.

4. But if you live in the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets? How do you do?
I wish I lived in the Arctic Circle, then I had escaped answer this hypothetical question every year. Unfortunately, I live in northern Europe, and then we Muslims again a practical and logical solution to the problem! If there are so many hours of sunshine that it is not reasonable to fasting so many hours in a day, we follow only the sun hours in Mecca or Medina! No need to starve to death! So good!

5. But you do drink beer, eat and fuck though it is Ramadan ?
Never put the question. It is totally none of your business. Muslims are not required to explain why they are fasting or not fasting for someone other than themselves. All Muslims are not fast, some fast one week, some some day, some one hour. Muslims are not a homogeneous group, and we do things differently during Ramadan.