Things To Care in Ramadan While Fasting

Here are few of the things, that you should care while fasting in Ramadan month. Below we have mentioned some of the things that break the fast;

- Besides hayd (menstruation) and nifaas (bleeding after childbirth), beside these broken only fast on these three condition applies: that the person knows that it breaks the fast and is not ignorant; that he is aware of what he does and not forgotten that he is fasting; he does it of his own free will and not be forced.

- Among the things that break the fast are gärninar that involves the expulsion of bodily fluids, such as intercourse, vomiting, menstruation and bleeding, and deeds that involve supplies the body with something such as food and drink. (Majmoo 'al-Fataawa, 25/148)

- Among the things that break the fast are things that are klassiferat as food and drink, such as medicine and pills you take orally or injecting nutrients, or to receive blood.

- Such injected but not replace food and drink but are used as medicine, such as penicillin and insulin, tonics, or vaccinations, do not break the fast, whether it is in the muscles or veins. (Fataawa Ibn Ibraheem, 4/189) But to be on the safe side, these medications take place during the night.

- Kidney dialysis, in which blood is taken out, cleaned and comes back to the body with some chemical and nutritive substances, such as sugar and salt, breaking the fast. (Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daaímah, 10/190)

- According to the strongest opinion so do not break suppositories, eye drops, ear drops, get a tooth removed and tend to wounds Lent. (Majmoo'Fataawa Shaykh al-Islam, 25/233, 25/245)

- Asthma Spray does not break the fast, because this is the compressed gas that goes to the lungs - it is not food, and it is always needed, in Ramadan and otherwise.

- Taking blood samples not break the fast and is permissible because it is something you need. (Fataawa al-Da'wah: Ibn Baaz, no. 979)

- Medicine only to be swished around in the mouth does not break the fast so long as one avoids swallowing anything. If the individual laws of a tooth and feel the taste in the throat, this does not break the fast. (Verbal fataawa from Ibn Baaz)