About Us

RamadanMonth.com is a unique type of website aims to provide latest updated information regarding the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. This includes Start and End dates of Ramadan as per different countries, which are calculated astronomically and then get confirmation via local sighting authorities also.

The website started its operation in April 2014 on small scale, and in year 2015 we covered multiple countries starting dates of Ramadan and become the kind of authentic and most popular encyclopaedia during Ramadan month and also maintained the first positions in major search engines. Till now in total we have successfully helped millions of unique visitors, from across the world.

This year, we are working hard in collaboration and hopeful to be a first dedicated source to provide Ramadan news.

People Behind This Project

Umair Hussain, CE
Junaid Akbar, Religious Affairs Coordinator
Hannah J., Graphics and Designing
Syed Shah, SEO
Freelance Writers