Guest Posts is community-driven, and created by professionals just like you for people like you. This year we are taking a step further by introducing an opportunity for our honourable readers to be a part of this beautiful journey and giving an equal chance to each of you to share your expertise on this blessfull Ramadan and reach our global audience of millions for free.

Our blog section will include Ramadan info, guidance, tips, images, daily experiences, news, how to's, cooking, health, dos and don'ts. Feel free to write about any topic as mentioned early. Things you should care when sending an article are;

  1. Articles no shorter than 500 words, and no longer than 1200 words.
  2. The articles should be well-written, without typos or errors.
  3. Original articles that you wrote, and which do not appear at other websites.
  4. Articles with practical information, guidance, advice and tips will be favored.
  5. Within the body of the article no links are allowed other than Wikipedia or any other authority site.
  6. Clear and exact reference or source should be included in last of article for quotes and images. We reserve the right to edit content, if we deem it necessary.
  7. Anonymous authors will not be entertained.
  8. Please note that we do not charge neither pay for the articles, but we add a short bio with your image at the bottom of the article, where you may add a link or two to your personal website or social profile.
  9. Promotional articles/posts and affiliate links will not be accepted.

How To Send

Sign in to and create a new Google Doc. Write your article including author profile; Name, description, photo, personal website link or Facebook profile or Twitter handle url. Then send us your Doc url using this form. Before sending link make sure your doc is not in private mode, you can change it to public from a blue 'Share' button on top right in your Google doc.