Privacy Policy

What Kind of Visitor Information Collect?

  1. We ( collect visitor email ID, only when visitor intentionally enter his email address in a subscription box to enable subscription for upcoming articles/posts or, to participate in giveaway and for special offers.
  2. We personally don't keep record of visitors location and behavior on By default, Google keep this record to serve more relevant ads to visitor. A visitor can opt out and restrict Google by doing this after making certain changes by visiting Google's Advertising and Privacy Policy.

What we do with the information we collect from

We use email address to inform visitor about our new posts/articles, news about giveaways, and send special offers, rarely. A visitor can opt out from out email list by clicking on unsubscribe link available at the end of each email.

Do we sell your information to 3rd Parties?

No! We personally never sell or give access to any 3rd party to use visitor data collected by us. Though, we are using some 3rd party services, Like Google Servers to host our data, Google Analytics to track visitors flow and statistics, In partnership with Google AdSense to fill advertisement slots, Google Feedburner to collect and manage email subscriptions, etc. And we can not ensure you on behalf of them that how a visitors collected data will be used by them.

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